our roots

Locally grown in Providence, RI and Serving the greater providence and boston areas

Sprout’s mission is to sustainably grow and distribute the highest quality organic microgreens using controlled environment agriculture techniques in grow houses located in, or adjacent to, urban centers.

Between 30%-50% of all the produce grown for us ends up in the garbage before it can hit our plates. This is because our food spends a tremendous amount of time either in cold storage or in transport before it gets to us. Additionally, when it comes to greens, every minute, hour, and day that passes after harvest results in diminished nutrient potency. In the end, fresh cut produce not only tastes much better, but is unequivocally healthier.
That is why Sprout believes in keeping growing facilities as close as possible to those who will ultimately enjoy our food. We aim to distribute our produce locally, using 1.5 hours normal drive time as a general distribution boundary. Our grow methods and commitment to staying local ensure consistent quality and crop yields 365 days a year while providing maximal freshness and nutrition, minimal carbon footprint, and vastly reduced food waste.

Sprout’s clients primarily consist of those food service providers for whom local, organic and ultra fresh produce are integral to their own value proposition, as well as fine dining establishments where premium quality and bespoke growing is a value add. We also offer limited retail sale and home delivery.

Our joy is found in growing delicious, healthy food and getting it onto the plates of people for whom we hope it will bring sustenance and a little bit of happiness.