All of our microgreens are grown organically, and we use organic seeds in every instance possible. Our seeds are sourced from Johnny’s Seeds right here in the north east. We currently grow over 80 varietals, but if you don’t see the one you’re looking for contact us and we can grow on demand.

For more information on the varietals, including flavor profiles, click on the thumbnails.


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Akatade - Asian Sour Leaf - Basil - Basil Mix - Basil, Sweet Thai - Black Peruvian Mint - Buckwheat - Carrot, Kyoto Red - Chives - Chrysanthemum Greens, Oasis - Daikon, Purple (Red Rambo) - Green Pepper, Fushimi - Green Pepper, Himo Togarashi - Green Pepper, Manganji - Hot Pepper, Takanotsume - Ishikura Bunch Onion - Japanese Bunching Onion, Evergreen White Nebuka - Japanese Bunching Onion, Ishikura Long Winter - Japanese Cucumber, Tsuyataro - Kinome - Lemon Grass - Marigold, Lemon - Marigold, Tangerine - Mexican Mint/French - Tarragon - Milk Thistle - Mint - Mitsuba, Japanese Parsley - Mustard, Barbarossa - Mustard, Red - Mustard, Scarlett Frills - Oka Hijiki, Seaweed Mustard/Saltwort - Rainbow Mix - Salad Burnet - Shiso, Asia Ip - Shiso, Britton - Shiso, Green - Shiso, Hojiso - Shiso, Jeok Ssam Ip - Shiso, Red Britton - Shungiku, Chrysanthemum Greens - Spinach, Red Malabar - Stevia