Lovingly grown and hand picked by our team

Aaron Damus, CEO

Aaron has amassed an unusual assortment of skills throughout his life. He has degrees in Philosophy and Music Performance from Boston University and the University of Miami, respectively. He is also an accomplished martial artist and dancer. In the past 15 years, he has taught martial arts in more than seven countries including Hungary, Poland, France and South Africa. He has also been a principal dancer for Masacote Dance Company based in Boston. He has performed throughout the world and taught classes in music and dance in the greater Boston area as well as abroad.


Jeff Bellotti, COO

Jeff is an undergraduate student at BU and Trinity College. He has a background in business, psychology, and theatre & interpretive dance. He has aspirations of owning his own company, establishing a career in show business, and developing a charitable foundation.

Jonathan Smith, CFO

Jonathan is a senior at Boston University studying economics with coursework covering accounting, investments, empirical economics, and writing & research. He graduates in December and plans to attend law school in the near future. Jonathan has had internships in economic consulting, private equity, and law.

Aaron Wong, CMO

Aaron is a senior at Boston University with a major in management and a minor in film. With a background in video production and marketing, Aaron combines his business and filmmaking skills to help organizations with their video strategy and content creation. He currently works for the Boston Red Sox in their video production team and aims to have a career in film production.