What are microgreens?

Microgreens are baby versions of full grown vegetables. Although they are small, microgreens have delicate textures, distinctive flavors, and various nutrients. In general, microgreens contain greater amounts of nutrients and health-promoting micronutrients than their mature counterparts. While their nutrient contents vary slightly, most varieties tend to be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and antioxidants. Because microgreens are rich in nutrients, one can eat smaller amounts and get the same nutritional benefits as eating larger quantities of mature vegetables.

How do i eat microgreens?

You can eat micros in salads, in smoothies, on top of toasts or in sandwiches, and even in cocktails and desserts! For recipes and use inspiration, check out sproutorganicfarms.com/recipes.

Aren’t microgreens just garnishes?

Micros are commonly used as garnishes, but they can also be the mainstay of any meal! For recipe inspiration, check out sproutorganicfarms.com/recipes

Where can i buy microgreens?

You can buy our micros on the WhatsGood app, via our subscription service, or can contact us for wholesale offers. Learn more at sproutorganicfarms.com/purchase.

How do i store microgreens?

Microgreens should be refrigerated. 

When do my microgreens expire?

Most of our microgreens stay fresh for well over a week, but micros (like all leafy greens!) lose nutrient potency the longer they’re left uneaten. We recommend eating them within 2-3 days for full health benefits.

Are micros healthier than full size leafy greens? 

Yes! For more information about the nutritional benefits of microgreens, check out sproutorganicfarms.com/healthbenefits

Can pregnant women eat microgreens?

Yes! It’s sprouts, not microgreens, that pregnant women should avoid. Unlike sprouts, microgreens are grown in soil - not water - so they are more than safe for expecting women. However,

Why are microgreens so expensive?

Microgreens are labor intensive to grow, so they’re naturally priced higher than full sized leafy greens.

What’s the difference between sprouts and microgreens? 

Sprouts are germinate in water, while microgreens are grown in soil. Furthermore, sprouts are harvested within 4-6 days, and microgreens can take 1-3 weeks before they’re ready for harvest. For more information, check out this article

If there’s such a big difference between sprouts and microgreens, why is your microgreen company named Sprout?